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Beyond Bill Data: Refining Your Energy Management Program with Interval Data


Your Utility Data, Aggregated & Delivered.

Urjanet’s mission is to provide the world with easy access to aggregated utility data. Our cloud-based platform connects directly to utilities to seamlessly acquire and normalize disparate utility bill and interval data. The processed data is delivered directly to industry-leading business applications.

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Our Products

Our award-winning products are designed to organize and automatically deliver the world’s disparate utility data.

Automated access to utility bill data across thousands of providers around the world.

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Access to interval data from the utility providers without installing any hardware or software.

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Data for my organization

We aggregate and standardize your organization’s utility data, helping you gain unparalleled visibility into your energy, water, and waste spend and consumption.

Utility Data for Commercial & Industrial Companies

Data for my customers

Improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by partnering with Urjanet as your utility data source.


Download our in-depth Product Guide for our Utility Data Service.

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